The Choice Fashions PVT. Ltd.

Feeling the maximum effect with minimum cost!

This company is located in Jaipur, Rajasthan, Ind and is manufacturing apparels for well-known brands in Japan and all over the world.

​In recent years, Naav, its original brand and semi-custom made type, is received well from mainly Australia and selling to all over the world. 

Since 2002 of INFOEYE's establishment, the Choice Fashions PVT. Ltd. has used the system to manage planning, sewing, importing, and the other related tasks, which is constructed INFOEYE Ind office.

 Management of Fabric Material

For sewing company like us, order management of fabric material and stock management are very important. However they are difficult and troublesome because of tangled receiving and shipping management, irregular roll length, and reduction in production, so they were not adequately controlled.

Then we organized the order structure of fabric material systematically and systemized it cooperating with INFOEYE.

Our IT revolution started there.

The well-managed sewing factory located in Jaipur, Ind 

Systemized daily management for cutting and line

What we initiated the next was the management of cutting and line.

With systemization, its effect can be seen not only for field workers but also all other staffs. Still, before the introduction, strong opposition occurred from the field workers who were using papers or spread sheets having fewer constraints.

We patiently told its merits to them and made them understood it little by little. Then six months later, they felt the effect.

Naveen Advani C.E.O. having teleconferencing with Infoeye 

 Feeling the effect of unification from fabric material management to exporting

The system constructed step by step with past 10 years was integrated from fabric material management, production management, and exporting management. It realized reduction of labor costs and any kind of loss, and sharing of company-internal information.

 Order receiving at an exhibition and summing up with iPad

​This year we plan on attending the exhibition PURE London 2018 with our original brand Naav.

​We are going to use Infoeye's tool made for the exhibition to sell.

We can make tabulated analysis of order situation or picking up situation in real time even in Ind located far from London.