Spring Overseas PVT. Ltd.

For daily cutting management and progress management 


Spring Overseas PVT. Ltd. located in Delhi, Ind has had business with Japanese well-known brand since its initiation of 1980. It has an established reputation as Indian manufacturer with its high quality and quick delivery.

Its president Satish Chand has studied in Japan and learned about fashion and dress pattern as his major when he was a student. His deep knowledge for Japan would have been developed during it. 

This is off topic but, INFOEYE has rend a little space inside of its factory and started up its business.

■ Terminals they using: PC, Mac, iPad

President Satish M. Chand


○  Improving of Inspection accuracy

Spring Overseas PVT. Ltd. registeres all its orders to INFOEYE's system and follows through on progress management. Not only cutting management per a line but also material order management for  production are done with this system.

All shipping and receiving data are connected with profitability management and delivery management, which enables to check a line with low production efficiency and to find products with high loss rate soon. All of them are contributing to deliver products with stable high quality to Japanese customers.


○ Strict quality level and product management

Product management tends to be dependent on individuals, which 

has a risk to make various problems.

Spring Overseas PVT. Ltd. are preventing them by systemization of all such kind of managements.