Management System for Wholesale distribution

- Function List

  • Sales/Return Registration

  • Outsourcing management

  • OrderRegstration at exhibition

  • Make Sales materials for exhibition

  • Management of internal sale

  • and more

 Function List

  • Stock management of multiple locations

  • Management of Stock movements

  • Inventory

  • and more

[ Registration of wholesale order, delivery, and return ]
You can register wholesale order, delivery, and returns from your client.

Off course, you can manage consignment sale, too. It realizes easy  sales and stock management.

[ Sample of analyzing document ]

SHOPEYE has various analyzing tools. Among them, a sales ledger which you can figure out the latest order and shipping status is particularly important.

[ Sales status list ]

Showing current sales status including that of year-on-year

[ Sample of analyzing document ]

You can analyze current order status from various aspects; sales zone, person in charge, and item.