Retail Sales Management System for Apparel

 Function List

  • Sales Management

    • ​Register Sales & Return

    • POS

    • Manage Customer's Order

    • ​Manage Company Internal Sale

  • ​Distribution Management​​

    • ​Manage Arrival of goods

    • Register transfer and return

    • Inventory

    • ​Variety of Notice​​

      • ​​Inventory Inquiry

      • Arrival QTY ​Variance

      • Not received List

      • Unprocessed transfers List

      • Unprocessed Distribute Instruction List

  • ​Production Master Reference​

  • ​Analyze Sales

  • ​and more

SHOPEYE has all features for store operation.

Offering not only management of every goods-arrival, sales, and transfer, but inventory and various analyzing.