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Unifying planning, production, whole sales, retail sales, distribution, and online store.

Or you can chose only the feature(s) you need.

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  Planning (Map)

Pictures, clipped documents and other information gathered by each person in chage of design, MD, sales are always stored in a system and  shared with all staffs.

Everyone can share the lates information and it helps to increase their motivations and improve planning ability and sales force.

  Sewing specification, Order sheet, Processing instruction



You can easily systemize a method to make specification and to order materials, which are usually done with paper-base or excel sheet.

Infoeye is constructing this production management system based on our own experience of OEM production and incorporating our client's opinions 

  Whole sales

Providing not only a tool for order registration but sales support tool at project proposal.
Sharing a sales ledger in real-time excludes selling with no stock and improves sales and profit rate.

  Retail sales

Managing OTC sales and receiving/shipping easily



  Online Store

How are you registering items online? Infoeye's software can register the products in a lump and manage sales as an extension of usual product management. You do not need to register again only for online store. We also construct online store for wholesale.


For material stock and product stock, managing per each base: headquarter, warehouse, store, and factory.



Smooth making of sales material for exhibition and tallying.

Since Infoeye's system can manage all information, analysis based on vast amount of data is possible.

  Cooperation with outside system

Entered information to Infoeye's system can be transferred to existing system.