Integration management from arrival to billing

KUNSHAN LONGLIBAI FASHION INSPECTION CO.,LTD. is a group company of LON REVISE and is a Japanese inspection center located in Genshan Residential District, China. It has 250 staffs in total.
Although their high inspection skills can't be ignored, they have deep knowledge for sewing. Their many clients, sewing centers, frequently come to them to get their advice. Year after year their handling amount has increased and become difficult to manage with conventional way using mainly spread sheets.
They contacted some system development companies inside and outside of China if it is possible to integrate from receiving to billing, but no company could offer the system to meet their demand. And the number of systems handling only some parts of their tasks has got increased.

○  Improvement of inspection accuracy

We started systemization from receiving and inspection task. When inspect size and input it to Infoeye's system with iPad and iPod, the system shows the difference from the instruction dimensions and if irregular number is input, the letter color turns red, which helps to reduce error.

○ Smooth coordination with customers

When contact with our customers, we send email with inspection results which is input accurately. It uses fixed format and the message history remains. When there are inspectional problems, we take photos with iPad and send it to our customers. All such histories are accumulated in the system and it's really helpful to confirm later.

○ Reducing labor costs by omitting otiose works

By integrating from receiving to billing, we realized to eliminate more wastes than expected. Not only efficiency by integration but also accuracy improvement and information sharing inside of the company were realized as its by-product.


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