Intertextured Co., Ltd.

Cooperation of Planning, Profit, and Production

The company is located in Gaienmae, Tokyo and keeps following cutting-edge fashion. It has specialized in fabric for around twenty years and offered proposal-based OEM products to well-known brands.

 Visualization of Planning Management

Conventional planning management had to adopt the way highly depending on individual staff.

Using this system, now we can easily and effectively make submitted document for customers and manage the image data.

For arrangement of Exhibition, we can create hanging tags using registered data in the system and print out planning sheets in a lump.

Showroom of the Intertextured Co., Ltd. head office

 Easy sum up of Exhibition

I use iPad for a business talk.

When scanning product' hanging tags which made by the system, they are promptly but accurately registered to the system without interruption of the conversation.

In the past we has spent for several days for tally of Exhibition using excel sheet, now we take very little time to get aggregate results. 

Director, Kenjiro Kanda talking about our system

 Efficiency of profitability management and throughgoing production management

We've always worked for thorough profitability management, now tackled much further efficiency and cooperation with production management. Owing to it, now we can prevent minor loss and miscalculation. For production management, the status of a product is visible in a calendar and it's contributing to time-saving.