Let's work remotely with APASYS

​Please don't worry even if you are unfamiliar with PC!

We are producing and updating the system based on our experience of OEM production and our customer feedback.

Making a status of fabric materials clearly, tightly grasp sample's delivery and shipping info. Contributing to reduce loss and improve profit.

​Top selling products or fabric material tends to get sold out. Aren't you missing a sales opportunity?

①Image documents at planning stage ②Excel files of individual staffs ③Sharing of production information

Don't you feel the limit to grasp every production-related documents which are gathered by each staff?

Information Share
Loss Reduction
One-shot search
System Management

Searching past documents easily! 

Aren't you wasting time to find past documents when needed for repeat production?

Information gathered by ex-employee can be taken over easily using system management.

​The duty with no standardization and depending on an individual employee is hard to take over. Our system intermediates and solves it.


We build the system using the soft wear "FileMaker" which is easy to customize and realize flexible response to your demand.