G-Try Co., Ltd.

Unifying from instruction-creating to information-sharing

G-Try Co., Ltd. manages embroidery business and is a core enterprise of GODA group which factories and sales offices are located in Tokyo and Osaka (Japan), Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Shanghai, and Nanning (China). It has 1,000 employees in total. They are using Infoeye's product management system and SNS-like daily report system.
Here Mr. Goda, company president and Ms. Yonezu, a company staff told us the circumstances that led to introduce Infoeye's system and their impressions of actually using it.

■ Terminals they using: PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad

( G-Try Co., Ltd. )

President, Goda telling his expectation for Shopeye

  The background that led to introduce the business system

We've been using a system in our group since the early times, but we've not well utilized a production management system or daily report.

With that existing system, To manage order, it needed many processes and a lot of time to register. At that time, we had to work for the "system".

Moreover, the daily report of that time were written with only letters and numbers, which made difficult for the managers to grasp the trend and customer's demands, though they are what we want to know the most.

Then we consulted Infoeye who was an old acquaintance. They proposed us a system construction using FileMaker.

  To solve the problem

We started from an instruction management which told daily orders from our customers to our own factory in China.

I have been involved in some system development processes before, but this was the first time to use FileMaker for developing. I had some anxiety at first, but I was betrayed, in a good way.

The merit developing a system with FileMaker was that we could proceed the development while checking the prototype with not so many steps.

I felt it had potential to accept our modifying request quickly.

○  Now it's an absolutely necessary business tool.

As a result, our modifying requests which go through the corporate meeting can be added or modified to the system. They were never realized with the existing system.
Since our requests are soon reflected to the system, the usability is getting better and better, which helps smooth cooperation with factory. As for the daily report, it is mainly consisted of images like SNS and easy to see. Because of it, we can share information easily and smoothly within the entire corporate.
We can upload a daily report easily using iPhone and iPad during hiatus even in a train. Our stuffs seem to reduce a lot of stress with it.
We cannot handle our business without it now.


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