Since 2002 of our establishment, lots of customers have consistently used our service.

Cooperation of Planning, Profit, and Production

Conventional planning management had to highly depend on individual staff.
By using this management system, you can easily and effectively make a document to submit your customers and manage the image data.

Feel the maximum effect with minimum cost!

For a sewing factory, order management of fabric material and stock is very important task, at the same time, difficult and troublesome because of tangled receiving and shipping management, irregular roll length, and reduction in production.

Unification from Arrival to Billing

We were seeking a system which process unitarily from arriving to billing, but there was no other system development company serving such service.

Now we realized the unified management for the task of inspection company with this system : arrival→inspection→progress management→shipping management→billing​


Absolutely necessary business tool

The existing system was hard to accept the modification requests from our staff.

 This new system can reflect them soon and is getting more convenient. It provides us smooth cooperating with factory.

Utilizing daily cutting & progress management

For 17 years since Infoeye' establishment, we've used this system.

Without it,​ we cannot manage fabric arrangement, material arrangement, cutting management or progress management in Ind.

Entrusting all

We are entrusting to Infoeye in every aspects.
We appreciate their service from construction of online store to daily management.

We are unfamiliar with PC, so extremely helpful with their kind support.

AS Rabbit

Also for fabric management

We realized to attract new customers by introducing sales website specialized in fabric wholesale. We can now receive cutting orders via online, which saves time and cost. We are receiving contacts from new customers through this website.